Council# 2475

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Our History

The Santa Maria Council of the Knights of Columbus Number 2475 was established on April 23, 1923 at the request of Pastor N.F. Picarella of then the only parish church in Santa Maria, St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church.

Under the able leadership of F.J. Feeney and a number of other dedicated Catholic gentlemen, our Council was formed. Among the charter members were such names as Hayes, O�Brien, Battles, Mesquit, Donovan, Adams, Dana, and others who were or became great leaders of our community and of the Knights of Columbus.

It was a turbulent time in the history of Santa Maria shortly after the Council was established. The Ku Klux Klan was aggressively spreading its tentacles to the farthest corners of the West Coast. Santa Maria was one of the places they selected to establish a chapter. To advance their crusade they scheduled a march along Broadway down to the flag in the middle of the intersection at Main Street.

The newly formed Knights were asked by Fr. Picarella, Pastor of St Mary�s to help organize a protest. The Knights "to the man" formed a line across Broadway hooked arm to arm preventing the march. This show of soldiery by the Knights was enough to detour the Ku Klux Klan as they were unable to penetrate this line. They dispersed, unable to receive enough support to start a chapter in Santa Maria.

Over the past 91 years, our Council of the Knights of Columbus has become a pillar of the community of Santa Maria, and continues along the same principles of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity in support of our Community, our Families, and our Church.

Past Grand Knights
1923 F. J. Feeney 1923-24 W. W. O'Hare
1924-25 J.G.Hayes 1925-26 Dan Donovan
1926-27 Joe Olivera 1927-28 Amos Dana
1928-29 Isaac J. Porter 1929-30 O. R. Dana
1930-31 Rudolph Asmus 1931-32 Joe Silveria
1932-33 Vernon E. Wineman 1933-34 Clyde E. Dyer
1934-35 Clyde E. Dyer 1935-36 Frank D. Lucas
1936-37 John P. Karleskint 1937-38 Bernard Karleskint
1938-39 Theodore A. Bianchi 1939-40 Kenneth Dana
1940-41 O. R. Dana 1941-42 John P. Karleskint
1942-43 Theodore A. Bianchi 1943-44 Jake Karleskint
1944-45 Frank Lucas 1945-46 Elwin Filipponi
1946-47 James H. Hogan 1947-48 Henry Souza
1948-49 John Becker 1949-50 William Bianchi
1950-51 Norman Witterick 1951-52 Jack Torbron
1952-53 Larry Viegas 1953-54 Chas. Wood
1954-55 Donald Prentice 1955-56 James Hogan
1955-56 Elarion Hernandez 1956-57 Larry McGinley
1957-58 David A. Delaney 1958-59 Daniel J. Harmon
1959-60 Louis Porter 1960-61 Jack Mery
1961-62 Robert Ibsen 1962-63 John Buchler
1963-64 Walter Haulbosky 1964-65 James McHugh
1965-66 Roy E. Feeder 1966-67 Gordon Dunn
1967-68 Marvin Kostal 1968-69 Jack Torbron
1969-70 Anthony Jeffery 1970-71 William De Mar
1971-72 George Furgason 1972-73 Edward Pasko
1973-74 George Ono 1974-75 John Orsini
1975-76 John Lynch 1976-77 Howard Spade
1977-78 John Markey 1978-79 Albert Proctor
1979-80 Elmer Dunn 1980-81 Bernard McEvoy
1981-82 Lauren Payne 1982-83 Arturo Alvarez
1983-84 Arturo Alvarez 1984-85 Robert Thiercof
1985-86 James Stacklin 1986-87 Henry Tafoya
1987-88 Arthur Garcia 1988-89 Daniel Ledda
1989-90 Victor Marin 1990-91 Daniel Alves
1991-92 James Bissin 1992-93 Terry Harbor
1993-94 Deacon Richard Carmody 1994-95 Deacon Richard Carmody
1995-96 John Mahan 1996-97 John Mahan
1997-98 Al Luis 1998-99 Barry Dolan
1999-00 Barry Dolan 2000-02 Mike Stadnick Jr.
2001-02 Luis Arellano 2002-03 Luis Arellano
2003-04 Jose Arellano 2004-05 Jose Arellano
2005-06 Gerald Kipper 2006-07 Sal Franco
2007-08 Sal Franco 2008-09 William Marquez
2009-10 Malvin H. Giddings 2010-11 Jose Arellano
2011-12 Jesse Warden 2012-13 Jesse Warden
2013-14 Manny Valencia    
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